President inspects development activities in Polonnaruwa Featured


President Maithripala Sirisena today engaging in an observation tour in his home town of Polonnaruwa inspected several development projects undergoing in the city.Firstly, the President inquired into the constructions of the Polonnaruwa new museum and instructed the relevant officials to complete the construction work promptly.

Unlike an ordinary museum, this new museum will be constructed as a technological museum and an information center to display the ancient city planning, irrigation technology, ancient water systems, food security, architecture and other technical heritage.
The project is implemented under the “Awakening Polonnaruwa” program.The President also inspected the land reserved for the construction of the proposed city park which will enlighten the visitors to the Polonnaruwa sacred area on the historic value of the Pulathisi Puravara (Polonnaruwa).President Sirisena also inspected the site of the proposed ward complex to be built adjacent to the Polonnaruwa General Hospital for the treatment of cancer patients. Thereafter, the President engaged in n observation tour at the Kaduruwela SLTB main bus station.
The President also visited the home of Sri Lanka Army Major Dinesh Jayawickrema, who was killed last month in Mali while engaged in UN peacekeeping duties, in Abhayapura Polonnaruwa and expressed his deepest sympathies to the parents and relatives of the late officer.

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